Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ronda Ewald

Ex-schools chief gets $132,000 severance

St. Francis - Former St. Francis Schools Superintendent Ronda Ewald will be paid her $112,000 salary for the coming school year, plus an additional $20,000, according to a copy of a severance agreement obtained Monday.

Citing a stipulation in the agreement that prevents her from discussing it publicly, Ronda Ewald declined to say what led to her departure. However, the agreement says her resignation was "not voluntary."
Ronda Ewald, who resigned earlier this month, declined to respond to the criticism but pointed to a document attached to her severance agreement.
In the "Letter of Recommendation for Ronda Ewald," current St. Francis School Board President Jacqueline Hemmer says Ewald's "knowledge about curriculum and student learning, her loyalty, hard work, and dedication have been evident in the accomplishments of our district under her leadership."
The letter also states that the district had a fund balance of less than $20,000 when Ronda Ewald started back in 2002, but now that balance is "substantial." The exact figure was not available Monday.
The letter suggests Ronda Ewald was instrumental in curriculum improvement and says "she will be an asset to any school district or organization that she chooses to lead."
Miles Turner, executive director of the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, says Ronda Ewald enjoys a reputation as a "quality administrator" who may have made enemies simply because she made unpopular decisions.
"St. Francis' loss will be someone else's gain," Turner said.